As the use of open innovation models grows, big companies and startups have been getting closer due to the high potential of this relationship. With that in mind, the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Brazil) launched in 2016 an initiative called Startups Connected.

This initiative focuses on all activities developed by us that are dedicated to startups. It consists of an award (German-Brazilian Startups Award), an Acceleration Program (AHK Startups Accelerator) and a membership designed exclusively for startups (AHK Startups Hub), among others.

The main goal of Startups Connected is to connect the startup ecosystem from Brazil and Germany and create business opportunities between startups and members of our Chamber. In 2016, we could count on Basf, Bayer, Club Transatlântico, Siemens and Volkswagen as sponsors and of DWIH (German House of Research and Innovation) as supporter.

Startups Connected benefits

Check the benefits for members, sponsors, and supporters of the initiative:

  • Pitch at the German-Braziliian Innovation Congress (travel costs covered by AHK Brazil);
  • Detailed diagnosis of the startup;
  • Mentorship in several areas;
  • Mediation of contacts with member companies and partners of the German-Brazilian Chamber;
  • Possibility of joining in free activities in Brazil;
  • Free access to SAP’s platform to develop the presented solutions;
  • Possibility of receiving investment from BMG UpTech in exchange for equity*.

* The investment can be made under one of the conditions below, to be chosen by the startup along with BMG UpTech:

– R$ 100.000,00 (one hundred thousand reais) for 12% (twelve percent) equity of the selected startup; or ou

– R$ 60.000,00 (sixty thousand reais) for 7% (seven percent) equity of the selected startup; and an additional investment option, with a deadline of 18 (eighteen) months, in the amount of R$ 60.000,00 (sixty thousand reais) for 5% (five percent) equity of the selected startup.

P.S.: Startups selected by the category B2Bank are obliged to give equity in exchange for investment.

  • Identification of startups that can solve a certain challenge or that fit in a particular profile;
  • Exposure and position of the brand to the press regarding ecosystem innovation;
  • Fostering of the development of Brazilian startup ecosystems;
  • Development of the internal culture of open innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Connection to startups ready to solve a given challenge or to participate in a given activity;
  • Interaction with the startup ecosystem.


Meet the challenges your startup can solve!


German-Brazilian Startup Awards

The winning startups were announced on September 28, 2017, at the German-Brazilian Innovation Congress. They were:

SkyDrones – Categorie: Digital Agriculture

Boletão – Categorie: B2Bank

TNS Nanotecnologia – Categorie: Cities of the Future

Zumpy – Categorie: Connectivity

MOBQI – Categorie: Electromobility

GoEpik – Categorie: Industrial Excellence

Ductor AGT – Categorie: Artificial Intelligence

VM9 – Categorie: Digital Government

Green Spin – Categorie: Germany

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