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The human population is growing and we might be reaching the limits of our planet, pushing us to rethink our habits and do things differently. Big corporations also need to reinvent themselves in order to keep innovating at the speed their customers are evolving, while being in line with current Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Startups Connected arose from the perception that through cooperation between Brazil and Germany, it is possible to achieve great benefits for both countries, which become capable of evolving even further in the market.

Brazil is important for the German internationalization strategy, since it is one of the broadest markets for the German industry — it is a country relevant to the German economy, as São Paulo being the largest German industrial city outside Germany.

On the other hand, it is known that Germany plays an important role for Brazilian technological development, especially when applied to industry and sustainability. Thus, Startups Connected aims to create bridges between large companies and innovative startups, fostering open innovation.

In the “Germany” category, launched by DWIH São Paulo, the proposal is to bring the best in the German entrepreneurship and innovation environment for a roadshow in Brazil. In addition, the selected startup will benefit from visibility, networking, connection to the Brazilian market and support for internationalization.

All startups are welcome to apply, especially those that have innovative solutions to corporate challenges:

  • Circular Economy, by BASF
  • Data Farming, by Bayer
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility, by BMU
  • Pacient Journey, by Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital
  • TravelTech, by Lufthansa
  • Industrial Processes Digitalization, by Siemens
  • Pulp and Paper Innovation, by Voith
  • Productive Chain 4.0, by Volkswagen
  • Energy Efficiency for Industry, by GIZ

Join us in the Germany category and present your solution in Brazil, with support from the German-Brazilian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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About DWIH São Paulo

The DWIH São Paulo is part of a global Network of five Centres which is overseen by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The goal is to increase the visibility in Brazil of Germany as a scientific and technological centre and foster exchange between German and Brazilian scientific institutions.

Both Germany and Brazil consider science and innovation to be key areas  for ensuring  economic, social and sustainable environmental development. For 50 years, the two countries have promoted comprehensive and fruitful scientific cooperation. With the opening of DWIH São Paulo, Germany took an important step towards strengthening ties with its Brazilian partners.